Dreamland: Brand Refresh
Brand Refresh

Dreamland: Revitalizing Brand Identity and Messaging

In 2024, I embarked on a complete brand revitalization for Dreamland.  This one-off project encompassed a thorough overhaul, including refreshing the visual identity and crafting compelling new copy to re-energize their overall brand presence.

Comprehensive Brand Refresh

  • New Brand Imagery: Developed new visuals, from photography to graphic elements, that better reflected Dreamland's desired brand personality.
  • Engaging Copywriting: Revamped website copy, marketing materials, and other messaging to deliver a more impactful and consistent brand voice.
  • Cohesive Transformation: Ensured that the new visual and written elements worked together seamlessly to create a unified and appealing brand experience.

The Power of Fresh Branding

This project highlights my ability to analyze an existing brand, identify areas for improvement, and strategically execute a comprehensive refresh that resonates with the target audience.

Timeline: 2024

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