The Fishers: Wedding RSVP Website
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The Fishers: Crafting a Personalized Wedding Website

As a special gift for my sister and brother-in-law's wedding, I designed, developed, and coded their beautiful wedding website completely from scratch. This passion project allowed me to showcase my technical skills while adding a personal touch to their special day.

Custom-Built with HTML/CSS/JS

  • Handcrafted Design: Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a unique visual aesthetic that reflected the couple's wedding theme and personality.
  • Google Maps Integration: Seamlessly integrated Google Maps API to provide guests with directions and location information.
  • RSVP Form Functionality: Developed a customized RSVP form from the ground up to streamline guest responses and data collection.

A Labor of Love

This project demonstrates my coding proficiency and my dedication to delivering a personalized and functional online experience. It was a true honor to contribute to my sister's wedding in this meaningful way.

Timeline: 2023

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